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Display IP, host name and more on desktop

Many of us use virtual machines and remote desktops on daily basis. When the number of these session handled at once increases, it will be little hard to differentiate between each system quickly. Many times we end up going to the command line or system properties to know IP address, host name, domain name, user name, MAC address, OS version details etc. Here is a quick solution from Microsoft that can be used to display all these details right on the desktop..

Microsoft's Sysinternals BgInfo is very much customizable tool that is free and requires no installation to run. Based on the fields selected, it can display:

  • Boot time
  • Processor details
  • Default gateway
  • DHCP Server
  • DNS Server
  • Free space
  • Host name
  • Internet Explorer version
  • IP address
  • Logon domain
  • Logon server
  • MAC address
  • Machine domain
  • Memory
  • Network card
  • Network type
  • Network speed
  • Operating system version
  • Service pack
  • Snapshot time
  • Subnet mask
  • System type
  • User name
  • Volumes

Just drop the BGInfo executable file into start-up folder of your operating system and it will keep displaying the details even after a reboot. It makes use a little resources on the system and thus won't make any impact on the performance.

For more details and download: