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Wiki-Index -a wiki of wikis

WikiIndex is an online wiki based index for wikis.

If you are a wiki reader/writer:

  • WikiIndex is a nice index of wikis with a huge database. If you are looking out for wikis with a particular topic or interest, this is the place you should look out for apart from the Google search.

If you are already a wiki administrator:

  • Having your wiki listed on WikiIndex is a good idea. You need to have a user account in WikiIndex for doing the same. The registration is free and the whole process of registration and writing takes only few minutes.

If you are planning to make your own wiki:

  • Then, this is going to be your gold mine.
    • You can check whether there exists any other active wiki projects on your interest.
    • If there were any previous wiki attempts on those particular interest, you can find out why they backed off and did not sustained long enough.
    • You can get to know about other wikis with similar interests and how they are doing it, which software they use, how do they manage users, what all features they provide etc.