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Mediawiki formatting

Mediawiki makes use of Wiki markup to format the contents displayed on a page. Even though you can write wiki articles with WYSIWYG editors, knowing wiki markup can make you more efficient and fast. It's very easy to learn and use.

If you are absolutely new to wikis, then this Mediwki formatting cheat sheet will help you in writing articles: Link to the PDF file. It's a PDF file and you can save it on your computer for later references.

Once you have comfortable with the basics, you can explore more wiki markup syntax. There are two great resources for the same:

The Wikipedia article is more detailed and is absolutely beginner friendly. Just bookmark them on your browser so that you can refer them later. The next time, you want to know something about wiki markup, just open up the article and use your browser's built in search feature to find the desired markup syntax easily.

If you want try out these wiki markup syntax while learning, you can use Wikipedia Sandbox: Just go to that page, click on the Edit button, and start your experiments. It's a page dedicated for practicing and testing purposes, so you can make any changes on that page and save it.