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Mediawiki Extension PCR GUI Inserts

Mediawiki offers many official and community developed extensions to improve usability, functionality etc. There are separate extensions available for many different needs. If you wanted to make use of multiple traffic analyzing services, there are extensions available for integrating Piwik and Google Analytics. If you want to put some banner advertisements or Google Adsense, there are separate extensions available for them too.

In no matter of time web administrators will end up having multiple extensions for performing all these tiny tasks. Each time when a wiki page loads, all these extension's PHP files has to be executed to get the desired results. In order to avoid this issue, many web administrators rely on customizing the Mediwiki skin to put these codes. Only to end up with nightmares when upgrading Mediawiki.

One simple solution is to use PCR GUI Inserts extension. This extension is a life saver as it simplifies the task of putting all these small code snippets and scripts. It allows to put codes into top of the wiki, bottom of pages, bottom of the wiki and below the sidebar. There are no limitations on number of code snippets and scripts which can be added, thus making it a perfect all in one solution for many of the tasks. This extensions is really easy to use and makes future customization and upgrades an easy process.

So the next time you want to integrate traffic analysis services, advertisements, external scripts, external font libraries like Google Fonts, a global donate button, a site wide notice or a simple banner, you can go for this extension.