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How to delete your Facebook account

If you have made your decision to get outside The Matrix and start living a real life, the best first step is to delete the Facebook account of yours.

How to use WhatsApp on your PC/ laptop without Bluestacks

Ever wished to use WhatsApp from your computer? That too without using BlueStacks or any other emulators and virtual machines? Here is a quick and easy method that is completely free, reliable and friendly on your computer resources.

GPS Car Navigator: What we want Vs What we get

Technology has changed our lives, no doubt there. Computers, tablets, laptop, mobile phones etc. has evolved over time and are coming with awesome features and facilities that makes everyday life much more easier and comfortable. But the case is not same for printers and GPS car navigation devices. Here is a wish list of things all of us wish to see on navigators + a list which shows what we are getting now.

Hindi (Bollywood) dumb charades game for Android

Remember Jabba jabba scene from Chup Chup Ke? Now you can play the same on your Android phone for free.

Google Play adds 25 more locations to buy products in their local currencies

If you are an Android app developer who publishes apps for price or selling in-app products, now you have 25 more reasons to be happy. Google today added 25 more locations. People from these 25 locations can purchase products from Google Play Store in their local currencies.

Improve your site's position on Google

Improve your site's position on search engine search results is of very much importance. It can help you to increase the web site traffic.

Malayalam dumb charades game for Android

Vacations are just around the corner and here is a free game for Android phones. This is classic Malayalam film name dumb charades game built on Android.

Mozzie Quotes Android app for White Collar fans

How many of you watch White Collar? Those who watches the show sure can't forget Mozzie and of course his quotes. He is a mysterious man, enjoying his life according to his terms and yes, he drinks almost all the wine Caffrey has.

Display IP, host name and more on desktop

Many of us use virtual machines and remote desktops on daily basis. When the number of these session handled at once increases, it will be little hard to differentiate between each system quickly. Many times we end up going to the command line or system properties to know IP address, host name, domain name, user name, MAC address, OS version details etc.

Manage multiple remote desktop connections

Remote desktop protocol helps us to take access to other computers in which you have access to and thus is a great tool for increasing productivity. One of the major disadvantage of remote desktop tool coming pre installed with Windows is that it cannot handle multiple session concurrently.

Download pre installed VirtualBox and VMWare images for free

Virtual machines are used by all of us in home and office, both on testing and productive environments. It is always nice to have a clean, pre installed virtual machines ready to be used. Here are two great places, where you can download pre installed VMWare and VirtualBox images for free.

Why Blogger is better than self hosted Wordpress blog

"Google's Blogger or Wordpress" is a often heard discussion among Bloggers. This article tries to find out the advantages on being on a Blogger platform compared to a self hosted Wordpress platform. Please note that this article is discussing about hosting a Wordpress blog on your own/rented server space and not on

Why self hosted Wordpress is better than Blogger

Many of the professional bloggers prefer self hosted Wordpress blogs over Blogger. What is the driving force behind such a move? Let's see top 9 reasons why self hosted Wordpress blogs are better than Blogger. Please note that this article is discussing about hosting a Wordpress blog on your own/rented server space and not on

Control presentations with hand gestures

Think of controlling your presentation slides using hand gestures. Think of setting up a website like Now you can do exactly that by combining hand gestures to already popular, robust presentation framework - Reveal.js.

Easily create Reveal.js slides online

Reveal.js is a free and open source framework for creating presentations using HTML, which can easily win over PowerPoint. The only problem associated with it is that you have will be needing basic knowledge of HTMl to start with it.